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Bio: Ned Isaacs is a consultant for Management, Batteries, and Technical Writing. He is a retired General Manager of Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) Specialty Battery Facility. In retirement, he was an editor of McGraw Hill’s Handbook of Batteries. In addition, he was a consultant to the Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) at the University of Kentucky, and he has written web content for Global Call Forwarding and Sensor Products.

Posts by Ned Isaacs:

Communicating Without Words: Art as a Tool of Expression

It is hard to imagine a time when computers or electronic devices were not our primary form of communication. Though they make our lives more streamlined, there is little room for artistic expression. There are hundreds of reasons why people make art. Whether it’s a picturesque painting, a large ceramic vase, or a long-form dance, [Continue Reading]

The Samsung Galaxy S9

The official release date of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is March 16, 2018, but several internet tech sites have obtained pre-release phones for testing. This article will review the Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications and include some early comments regarding performance and aesthetics. Design: Colors The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes in four colors, although available colors [Continue Reading]

Maintaining Customer Service Phone Numbers Worldwide

Global Call Forwarding (GCF) provides our clients with toll free numbers in over 140 countries. GCF forwards calls and maintains the lines for local access for business discussions and customer service requests. The process works as follows: Your existing or potential customers dial a toll free local number in their country. GFC’s forwarding service sends [Continue Reading]

Amazing Data Centers Around the World

What makes a data center amazing? It could be size or whether the data center has an environmentally friendly, green design. Aesthetics like beauty, uniqueness, or coolness could make it amazing.  Amazing is in the mind of the beholder. However, this article will begin with size.     World’s Largest Data Centers On August 30, [Continue Reading]

Buying Phone Numbers in Multiple Countries

Global Call Forwarding makes it easy and cost-effective to buy phone numbers in multiple countries. We also provide toll free phone numbers in over 150 countries. The “View Rates” page on the website,, simplifies the process of shopping for and buying phone numbers in multiple countries. Global Call Forwarding even offers a free trial [Continue Reading]

How to get a Canadian Phone Number

Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy. However, its constitution recognizes the king or queen of the United Kingdom as its Head of State. The Head of Government is Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau, and Governor General Julie Payette represents the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II. Canada is located in North America, its capital [Continue Reading]

Scammers Buying Phone Numbers for Verifications

Scammers have a history of buying local and 800 phone numbers, using free Google numbers, and pirating phone numbers to conduct fraudulent verifications and other scams. The following article discusses the applicable Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation, telephone verification, two different legal apps for spoofing telephone numbers, a process known as orange boxing, guidance on [Continue Reading]

The Undersea Cables that Power the Internet

Undersea cables transmit 99% of all international data. There are currently more than 300 undersea cables, which have a combined length of 550,000 miles, which is long enough to circle the globe 22 times. The longest cable runs from Germany to Korea, has 39 landing points, and is 24,000 miles long. Some undersea cables are [Continue Reading]

Telecom Terminology 101

Written descriptions of telecom or telecommunications topics use technical jargon and words not in most people’s day-to-day lexicon. Therefore, the following glossary gives definitions of some of the terms most frequently used in telecom discussions as an aid to non-technical readers. Application Programming Interface – An Application Programming Interface (API) is software that facilitates communication [Continue Reading]

How to Turn On Call Forwarding with AT&T

T&T’s Device Support Tutorials Access the Call Forwarding Device Support tutorials website to learn how to turn on call forwarding with AT&T. The following process shows how this is accomplished. Go to “!/make.” This site lists the brands of cell phones and tablets. Then, select the device manufacturer. Select the device model. If the device [Continue Reading]