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Managing Your Professional Finance Company Sales Team

In this blog, we will cover various ways to manage your professional finance company sales team, including:

  • Using virtual phone numbers throughout your organization
  • Inspiring competition in your professional finance company
  • Maximizing training
  • Using a directory system as a regular part of your professional finance company

Let’s begin. 

Using Virtual Phone Numbers throughout Your Organization

Part of managing your professional finance company’s sales team is by providing them with the tools to succeed. Thanks to Global Call Forwarding, this is possible in a myriad of ways.

First, virtual phone numbers are available in a wide variety of types. These include geographic numbers, toll free numbers, vanity numbers, and more. Geographic numbers can be especially useful when assigning sales teams to specific regions and countries that are part of their territory. Because geographic virtual phone numbers are identical to “regular” phone numbers, your sales team gains the benefits of localization and authenticity in those regions. Toll free numbers, on the other hand, lend a “geographical agnosticism” to your sales team, which can be useful for fielding inbound sales calls by available staff members.

Inspiring Competition in Your Professional Finance Company

Enabling your sales team to reach strategic goals often takes invoking a competitive spirit throughout your organization. To do so, you can offer incentives to top-performing employees such as direct lines to long-term clients. This can be achieved by using a popular function of Global Call Forwarding’s virtual phone numbers called “whitelisting.” Whitelisting enables only inbound calls that have been preapproved to go through. And as many sales teams involved with a professional company know, having warm leads and repeat customers is a recipe for guaranteed commissions and further success.

Time of Day Routing for Around the Clock Service

As another example, you may have some especially motivated salesmen that want to be available 24/7 to maximize their earning capabilities. Another popular add-on for virtual phone numbers, “time of day routing,” can make this a reality. When a call is placed outside of predetermined hours, the call is routed to a different destination number. Using time of day routing, you can redirect calls to their personal cell phone number.

Managing Your Professional Finance Company Sales Team
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Maximizing Training for New Hires

One of the biggest expenses, in terms of both time and money for a professional finance company is training staff effectively. With various regulations and company protocol to follow, many employees are left to educate themselves on how to close with clients properly. Training sales team members with “call recording,” a popular add-on from Global Call Forwarding, can help ease this process and provide clear examples of what (and what not) to do during sales calls. Like the name implies, call recording records and stores inbound/outbound calls made between staff members and clients. This can be an effective tool for training, as these calls can be referred to repeatedly to train employees uniformly.

Using a Directory System as a Regular Part of Your Professional Finance Company

At some point in time, your customers are going to want to speak with the sales rep that they’re most familiar with. Whether this is out of personal preference or by continuing a business relationship, it can be cumbersome to have customers constantly transferred to staff members’ phone lines.

To manage this more efficiently for your professional finance company, Global Call Forwarding offers a Directory PBX service. Short for Private Branch Exchange, a PBX enables you to offer direct extensions for departments and individual staff members. A PBX not only creates direct access to your sales team but also reduces the number of misdirected callers or those seeking readily-available information located in your directory (i.e. operating hours).

Virtual Phone Numbers for Your Finance Company Sales Team

As you can imagine, these are only some of the many ways that professional finance companies are using the versatility of virtual phone numbers to manage their sales teams. Be sure to learn more from the informative articles at www.globalcallforwarding.com. Subscribing is easy, and your professional finance company can begin using them within 24 hours of signup.

Managing and Motivating a Powerful Sales Team

Your sales team is the engine that drives your business to success. So, if you want to maintain a great business or do more business, you need to start with your sales department. Without a properly managed and motivated sales team, your business will have problems closing sales leads and selling your products or services. And, eventually, this may lead to the collapse of your business.

If you’re a sales manager or a part of a sales management team, you know that managing a sales department, employee expectations, and a sales-driven environment can be a challenge. So, you may be looking for tips or tricks to stimulate sales motivation and keep your team driven towards success. You’re probably also aiming to provide the optimal environment for cultivating more closed sales. Fortunately, there are a few tips for managing a team of salespeople you can take advantage of. This way, you can set your team of selling professionals up for success, and your business too! Read on to learn the process of Managing and Motivating a Powerful Sales Team.

Stay Away From too Many Rules

The more you restrict your sales team, the more they may not perform. Salespeople are generally strong-willed and authoritative. So they may not take well to restricting freedom. Rather than set rules for these individuals to follow, try removing obstacles that may be in their way. For example, instead of demanding that your sales team stick to a script, allow them to develop their own verbiage by providing your team with information on creating their own unique sales pitch.

Don’t be a Dictator; Be a Team Player

Rather than demanding things from your sales team, encourage them to perform tasks. While this may be easy to accomplish for meeting daily objectives, it also means finding creative solutions to common office problems. For example, instead of providing one solution to an issue that your team feels they have no choice about, provide several options and let your team choose between them.

 Managing Motivating Powerful Sale Team
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Recognize Your Team Success

People do best when their hard work is recognized. In fact, for many people, money isn’t even the best motivator. As a sales manager, it’s your job to find out what motivates every person on your team. This way, you can recognize each person in their own way when they’ve had success. Try to incorporate meetings in which the sole purpose is to recognize your top performers for the day, week, or month. And give respect where it’s due to keep your sales team at peace!

Have Your Team do What They Do Best

Not every person on your team of sales professionals will have the same experience, knowledge, or gift of gab. But, each person plays a role in the department to make things happen. So, find out what each person is best at, and let them do their own part. For example, if some people are better at closing incoming leads than others, let them be in charge of the incoming leads. Or, if some people are better at writing sales contracts and filing paperwork, let them do that. Whatever it is that an employee is best at, make sure they understand their role in your department and are motivated to do their tasks the way they know-how.

 Closing: Thinking of Starting Your Own Sales Department?

If you’re looking to start up your own sales-driven business, you’ll need to understand the process of managing and motivating a powerful sales seam. And while understanding these tips to better managing and motivating your team is helpful, you’ll also need the proper tools that will allow your staff to reach for success. At Global Call Forwarding, we offer a number of communication services that can equip your sales business with the technology needed to close sales efficiently and effectively.

Whether you need virtual phone numbers for each employee line, international phone numbers, number parking, outbound VoIP, or Call Me Click services, we can help set up and manage your sales communication needs. To learn more about how we can prepare your sales business for better success, contact us today.